How to get started.

There are 2 groups of adults looking to learn more about the ketogenic way of life.

  • Those without any medical conditions and not taking any medications.
  • Those with medical conditions and/or taking medications.

If you fall into the first group (no medications or medical conditions), you can achieve some results by changing your diet.

If you fall into the second group (on medications and/or with medical conditions), you are going to need assistance.  Ask your doctor for help.

How To Keto Easily (skip to 3:23 mark)

Why Go Keto

Ketones on Keto

Total Carbs vs Net Carbs

The Keto Flu

Getting Easier to Adhere to Keto

Grocery Store Shopping and Keto (pt 1)

Grocery Store Shopping and Keto (pt 2)

Fruits and Veggies on Keto

Proteins on Keto

Fat Intake on Keto

Cholesterol on Keto

Salt Intake on Keto

Vitamins on Keto

Keto for Therapeutic Use

Long Term Effects of Keto

Keto and Mental Performance

Keto and Neurological Disorders

Stalling Weight on Keto

The 'White Lab Coat' Keto Video

Vitamins & Supplements on Keto

Difference betweek Keto and Adkins

Top 4 Keto Myths

Reading Nutritional Labels

Podcast w/ Diet Doctor

Getting Back On Track


Take a peek inside the world of keto books

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The New Atkins For A New You

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Cooking Keto With Kristie




  • Jimmy Moore (co author with Dr. Eric Westman) has a great blog called Jimmy Rants
  • Casey Durango also has an excellent blog and video channel called Go Keto with Casey.