Local Area Keto Conference

Well… it is “sort-of” local. It is in Raleigh, NC. But it is on a Saturday.

I have to work this weekend but if you EVER wanted to learn more about keto, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT.

Keto With Casey

This woman has lost almost 100 pounds. She has a very good video channel about her journey. She calls herself a “Former Fattie”. Check out this video where she has a Q & A where you can ASK ANYTHING. Learn how she lost it and kept it off.

What Do I Eat Everyday?

This group follows the Dr. Westman “Page 4” protocol. This link is the video of the “allowed foods” on his Page 4.

Some people like the idea of a repetitive food list to choose from. Others are bothered by it. Like it or not, Page 4 works — especially if you have A LOT of weight to lose.

Here is another perspective (not entirely page 4 — but still good). Check this article out from Gretchen Rubin as she answers that very question — What Do I Eat Every Day.